Samuel White has the ability to see into the future, to have the power and knowledge to help and guide you. He will amaze you with his God-given gift and He will answer all your questions without asking you any questions. He has a long list of repeat clients that revisited him over the years for there answers


“I was born and raised in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago, I come from 3 generations of Psychic’s all blessed by God. I have been giving readings professionally since over 15 years, I been helping people from all different type’s of cultures, religions and race, with various types of problems and concerns. From the age of 8, I realized that my psychic abilities were given to me so that I could help others.  It’s always about the client for me. During your reading, I listen carefully to the messages from your loved-ones on the other side, Spirit Guides (Guardian Angels), my intuition and the visions I see for you.  At every reading I do the intriguing job of predicting your future. During the reading I clear my thoughts, biases, preconceived ideas and even rational logic. This is to make room in my internal psychic screen for whatever will be revealed. I have been a psychic all my life. I’m confident that I can help you. When you are ready for a reading, please give me a call. I personally will schedule an appointment for you and properly brief you so that I can give you my best and the best for you.”

Samuel White.

Samuel Gives Great And Accurate Readings At His Office In Riverside, IL About 15 Mins From Downtown Chicago. But Also Does Multiply Phone Readings Daily, So Call Today To Schedule An Appointment For A In Person Reading Or If You Would Like A Reading Over The Phone. You Won’t Be Disappointed!

(708) 929-9264